Dona Paula in Goa is mystical and romantic :)

08 Sep

Famous Dona Paula beach in Goa

Dona Paula-One of the most happening beaches in Goa!

Dona Paula, a tourist paradise is a former village located in the suburbs of Panaji Goa. It was once a secluded bay and is at a place where two famous rivers: Zuari and Mandovi meet the Arabian sea. Once a silent village its now one of the most commercialized areas of Goa.

Dona Paula is famous for seaside shopping, sunbathing, food shacks and water sports. Its one of the most famous and  happening beaches of Goa because of the various water sports facilities offered here. Kayaking, motor boat riding, windsurfing, parasailing, water-skiing, toboggan ski-biscuit, yachting, skibob, sports fishing, snorkeling and harpoon fishing are some of the leisure activities you can indulge into at the Dona Paula Beach.

This place is very well connected by air and road.  Nearest airport is Dabolim and nearest railway station is Karmali. It can be reached easily by bus from Panjim’s Kadamba Bus stand.Goa

Lot of option for staying here- Hotels, resorts, beachside huts, for budget tourists there are houses available on rent which are very economical.

There are a number of legends behind Dona Paula, one of them states that Dona committed a suicide by jumping off the cliff because she was not allowed to marry a local fisherman, another says that Dona was married to lower class fisherman who went into deep seas for fishing and one day did not return, Dona his loving wife waited for him at the jetty for many years and finally turned into stone! this place fascinates tourists by its mysticism and beauty. The statute on the rock is dedicated to them and their love…But all this is just a folklore though tragic one.dona paula beach goa

She was the daughter of the Portuguese Viceroy of Jaffna Patnam  in Sri Lanka. She and her family arrived in Goa in 1644 and she married a Fidalgo from Spain in 1656. Her husband was Dom Antonio Souto Maior. The were an extremely affluent family and the entire property from the present day Cabo Raj Niwas all the way to Caranzalem belonged to the Soutomaior  She later passed away on December 16, 1682.”

Dona Paula Amaral Antonio de Souto Maior grave was found in the the transept of the Chapel at the Governor’s Palace where a part of her history is engraved on her gravestone.

tree root

Dona Paula was a kind-hearted and helped the villagers and worked a lot for their betterment, and that’s why after her death the villagers decided to rename the village as Dona Paula. Initially the village was called Oddavell. The alleged statue of ‘Dona paula’ at the jetty is actually the sculpture of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Knox. A dutch sculptress, Baroness Yrse Von Leistner etched the sculpture as she was in awe of the philosopher Robert Knox.

Goa Beach India

Goa visit is  fun, adventure and is  ideal to get romantic, come here with your loved ones and fall in love all over again.

Mahalakshmi temple in Goa

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