Experience the divinity in Haridwar!

13 Sep

Northern India has its own significance due to diverse culture; amazing monuments, wildlife, rivers, Himalayas; religion and climate and many important pilgrimage. One of the most important pilgrimage and one of the seven holiest places to Hindus is Haridwar, which is also one of the oldest living cities. Located at the foothills of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand, it’s here that the holy Ganga (Ganges) River emerges from the mountains and commences its long journey to the Bay of Bengal.

Haridwar, Ganges,Holy place

Haridwar- A Divine experience!

Haridwar is fascinating and the divinity can be felt the moment you step into this place, every evening, prayers are offered on the Har ki pauri ghat of Holy Ganga river (Aarti at Har ki Pauri) , many people gather to experience and offer their prayers. Coupled with the chanting of mantras, clanking of bells, and enthusiastic crowd, it’s very moving. Ganga river scintillates as small lamps are lit and sent floating down the river after prayer.  The beautiful Aarti ceremony is  attended by thousands of people from all round the world who make a point to attend this prayer on their visit to Haridwar. The best time to visit Haridwar is from October to March. The main attractions here are the Ghats, Holy river Ganga, Aarti in the evening on the Har ki pauri  ghat of Ganga.

Ganga Aarti,Haridwar

Evening Aarti!

According to the Samundra Mantha; , Haridwar along with Ujjain, Nasik and Allahabad is one of four sites where drops of Amrit, the elixir of immortality, accidentally spilled over from the pitcher while being carried by the celestial bird Garuda. The Kumbh Mela is actually a manifestation of this and is being celebrated in every 12 years in Haridwar.It draws tens of millions of pilgrims who come to bathe in the Holy Ganga and be exonerated of their sins. During the Kumbha Mela, millions of pilgrims, devotees, and tourists congregate in Haridwar to perform ritualistic bathing on the banks of the river Ganga to wash away their sins to attain Moksha. It is believed that Brahma Kund is the place (or spot) where the Amrit fell, it  is located at Har Ki Pauri which means  “footsteps of the Lord” and is considered to be the most sacred ghat (bank of river Ganga) of Haridwar. There are many Ghats in Haridwar and majority of them were largely developed in the 1800s.

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