Shri Kedarnath: the Holy Hindu Pilgrimage in Uttarakhand

21 Jul

Kedarnath temple is the highest temple existed on the Himalaya where the Mighty Lord Shiva is seated. Located on an altitude of 3584 m at the head of river Mandakini, the Hindu shrine of Kedarnath is amongst the holiest pilgrimage for Indians. The Jyotrilinga of Kedarnath is one among the 12 jyotirlingams in India.

Kedarnath comes in Kedarkhand of Chamoli District in Uttaranchal State. Extreme weather conditions are caused for the opening of the temple Kedarnath only between the ends of April to start of November. As here Shiva is worshipped as Kedarnath, the ‘Lord of Kedar Khand’, the historical name of the region. It is one of the four Chardham (Pilgrimages) of Uttaranchal.

The temple is believed to have been built by Adi Sankaracharya and is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, the holiest Hindu shrines of Lord Shiva. The older temple existed from the times of Mahabharata, when the Pandavas are supposed to have pleased Lord Shiva by doing penance in Kedarnath.

The daily ritual of temple begins with worship followed by several kinds of aarti, depending on the need of the visitor. From short rudrabhishek to complete day long worship, the Brahmins keep performing the primary rituals to please the God. As per culture and tradition of this town goes, visitors will find the demonstration of true feelings behind every step taken in Kedarnath.

The First Kedarnaath temple was built by Pandayan Kings, later Shri Adi guru Shankaracharya laid down the foundation of Shri Kedarnath temple in the 8th century. The inside walls of the temple are ornamented with figures of a variety of gods and goddesses and landscape from mythology. This gracefully designed Kedarnath temple is said to be more than a 1000 years old. Built of extremely large, weighty and equally cut gray slabs of stones, it’s pretty tough to believe how these heavy slabs were handled in the olden days. A conical rock formation inside the temple is worshipped as Lord Shiva in his Sadashiva form.

Kedarnath is a highly tourist place visited by the people in India and as well as across the world. You can hire many a tour & travel agencies just to make sure that you get a comfortable journey to this one of the busiest summer holiday destination. Since hotels & guests houses are full in the peak season so you can ask for online help in order to secure your accommodation to Shri Kedarnath Dham.

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