Experience Trekking along with Pilgrimage tour in Yamunotri

12 Aug

 Enchanting meadows of  Garhwal is filled with spirituality, peace; and its land is the ultimate destination for adventure as well as nature lovers.  Just throw a glance and you get get bowled on its divine beauty. Explore your true-self and test your adventure skills among the mystical mountains of North India.

    About Yamunotri-Yamunotri is the origin place of the river Yamuna, one of the famous & holy river duos, Ganga- Yamuna. Situated at an altitude of 3,291 m it is the western most shrine in the Garhwal Himalayan region.  Yamunotri is also renowned for high altitude trekking destination in Himalaya region after Gangotri.

  As mythology says- River Yamuna is called the daughter of Surya, the Sun and the twin sister of Yama, the Lord of Death. Anyone who bathes in its holy water has to be spared from a tortuous death.

The physical source of Yamuna is a frozen lake of ice and glacier called Champasar Glacier. This glacier is located on the Kalind Mountain at a height of 4,421 m above sea level, about 1 km higher.  Since the location of the glacier is high and it is extremely hard to accessible; hence seeing the feasibility of the pilgrims, the shrine (the temple devoted to River Yamuna) has been located on the foot of the hill.

 Trekking in Yamunotri- The trek to Yamunotri is spectacular, surrounded by a panorama of rugged peaks and thick forests. Trekking lovers can head for trekking to Dodital from Yamunotri, and literally from the Dodi Lake. Dodi tal is set at an elevation of 3024 m north of Uttarkashi. Crystal clear waters are surrounded by dense oak woods, pine, deodar and rhododendrons. The lake is full of fish and is known for some rare species like the Himalayan Golden Trout. The forest surrounding the lake is also full of wildlife. It provides an idyllic set up for rest and recreational activities like angling, boating and bird-watching. The trek from Dodital to Hanumanchatti via Darwa Top takes two days, moves on to the upper reaches of the Garhwal Himalayas in Yamunotri, the place where the sacred river Yamuna originates from.

In the Hindu mythology Yamunotri finds a specific mention. According to legend, this tranquil place once was the home of an ancient sage, Asit Muni.  Among the chief attractions of Yamunotri is hot water springs nearby which is believed to have medicinal properties. Interestingly, devotees prepare rice and potatoes to offer at the shrine, by dipping them in these hot water springs tied in muslin cloth

How to Reach: The road to Yamunotri diverts at Dharasu, on way to Uttarkashi. Important road distances are : Hanumanchatti 14 kms; Dharasu 107 kms; Tehri 149 kms. The nearest Airport to Yamunotri is Jollygrant , from here you can get the cabs and other luxury cars to Yamunotri but it would be preferable if you hire a tour agency in order to get a comfortable trip.

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