LakhaMandal :Where Pandava Spent Years Incognito

16 Sep

Mahabharat lakhamandal images

Each part of Devabhoomi Uttaranchal has a distinguish charm revealing something mystical. If you discover these places in Uttaranchal in deep you find something always heavenly, something peaceful and lovely. The atmosphere of Lakhamandal is so nice as if nature has bestowed this place with the immense beauty.

Legend Related Lakhamandal :-

LakhaMandal is one of those ancient places having enough historical recognition in the great Hindu Epic, “Mahabharata”. It is the place where Pandava(the five brothers) had spent their 1 year incognito, hiding from Kaurvas. As the legend goes it tells about a lac Palace built by the Kaurvas in an intention to kill their cousins, Pandava. The ruins of the temple of Lakhamandal disclose its history related to Dwapar Yuga(Era of Lord Krishna). Here are the caves situated where Pandvas took shelter to spend their days

Mahabharat images
Location: This is a tiny town situated 3 kilometres away from the National highway-123. Height of Lakhamandal is 2,800 metres above the sea level. It is famous not only in India but outside too for its spectacular presence. According to the Hindu religion in the presence of 1,25000 lakh Shiva lingams and 33kr Hindu idols of  gods and goddesses.

A Mirror like Shiva Lingam:

There’s a wonderful Shiva lingam in Lakhamandal temple in the Lakhamandal village. This Shiva lingam is still an issue of sheer curiosity among the scientist because of its unique quality. It is a black Shiva lingam which shines ultimately and in which you can watch a clear reflection of your own. No one could have still get to know what it exactly made of.

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