Adventures in Leh & Ladakh

04 Feb

Ladakh Culture

Mesmerizing Leh & Ladakh :-

Snow Covered boulevards, massive mountains, rushing rivers and verdant valleys together crafts a landscape in northernmost region of India known to world as “Ladakh”. Ladakh lies between Karakoram Mountain & Himalayan range, because of which Ladakh has got the breath taking views.  Ladakh is a place that is more oftenly visited by Adventurers as Adventure tourism in Ladakh is very popular all over the world. Ladakh is place that  has most beautiful High Altitude Lakes(HAL) such as Pangong Lake and Tosmoriri lake.

Climate Of Leh & Ladakh:-
Climate is the most  important point that is to be considered before planning trip to places like Leh and Ladakh. It not only allows you to plan you trip accordingly but makes you aware of uncertainties that might take place during you stay. Summer are the best time to visit Leh Ladakh that offer a pleasant and dry weather with temperature ranging from -3 to 30 and in winters temperature ranges between -20 to 15 degrees. If you are planning a trip to Leh Ladakh, June – September is the ideal time for the visit.

Best Time to Visit Leh Ladakh:-

Time period from June to September is ideal time for Leh Ladakh Tour  because of warm bright days and pleasant nights. Although summer is the best season to visit Leh and Ladakh, it still gets a bit chilly in the night and temperature can go down to less than 10 degree. Visitors can access this place by plane and by road and also by motorcycle. However the roads here are only open for few months in the year due to heavy snowfall. So best time to visit Leh ladakh is during summer.

Culture of Leh & Ladakh:- 

The culture of Ladakh is very similar to Tibetan culture that is why Ladakh also called “The Little Tibet” of India. Most of the people living in Ladakh follow Tibetan Buddhism. Travellers keep hopping from one place to another to discover the real essence of life, more than that they get to know about culture and heritage sites in Leh Ladakh. Beside the advantage of old civilization, its culture and traditional beliefs of this place that keeps tourist attracted, and the credit for this goes to several traders, monks and rulers who keep on visiting this land .Every Year several festivals take place in the courtyards of various monasteries like Ladakh festival, Hemis festival and Sindhu Darshan.  The festival in Ladakh are full of colors, music, dance performances  with the essence of Ladakhi Culture.

Adventures in Leh & Ladakh:–Bike tour

Geographical features of the region throws several challenges in front of backpackers which allow them to explore their daring side, they have to trek, survive in the freezing cold winds etc. The adventurers go for  mountaineering at world’s greatest mountains ranges in Leh ladakh. The places like Zanskar and Markha valley has got enough for the trekkers . Professional bikers take on adventures bike rides over Zigzag yet well maintained roads not once but several times.They come here repetitively to achieve next level of adventure. Yak Safaris, jeep safaris, white river rafting, cycling and paragliding are other adventurous activities one can indulge into.

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