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Festivals in India describe Most Famous Festivals in India that every one wants to celebrate .

A Week devoted to Spectacular Dance Festival in Khajuraho


Stage Performance of MohiniAttam

Each and every festival in India is vibrant and exotic in every sense of the word and is celebrated with a lot of fervor by all religions and people of the country.   Amidst the awe-inspiring architecture, the color-filled marketplaces and the myriad topography of the various states, one also finds a host of fairs and festivals that are unparalleled in themselves.

The people of India celebrate each occasion, be it religious, at the time of harvest or to mark the change of season and give it a festive color. Participating in these various fairs and festivals is truly recognition of the importance of celebrating each act of life in its entirety.

Group Dance

Leafs of dancers the in lotus form of the Dance

There, yet another form of the Indian festival is Khajuraho Dance Festival, which is specially organized to keep the ancient Indian dances and music alive as well as to promote the best classical dance forms.


a flock of Dancers at stage

Sculpture art in the temples of Khajuraho: Temples at Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, speak and live a tale and art of love. The unmatched architecture and living sculptures of Khajuraho temples seem irresistible and provoking. These beautifully carved out sculptures of love making couple are taking finest touch and which are decidedly, proved to be one of the exquisite peace of worlds’ sculpture art. Temples at Khajuraho are built by the kings of Chandel Dynasty from 250 to 1050 A.D. Because of its great historical significant in year 1986, this group of temples has been declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. This place is one of the famous tourist destinations in India that attracts a number of overseas tourists throughout a year.

Astonishing performance

perfect blend of lights, music and Dance at night

Dancing trail in temples at Khajuraho: Dance festival at Khajuraho is being organized by the Kala Parishad (Cultural Ministry) under the Madhya Pradesh Govt.To witness and perform in this magnificent cultural dance event, dancers and flock of dance lovers from abroad visit Khajuraho. 25th Feb to 2nd March for every year is dedicated to this cultural dance festival week. In this week long dance festival there are a number of live

Starry performance in the day light

performances of classical dances like Kathak, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Bharatnatyam, Manipuri and Mohniattam which are the chief attractions of this dance festival. The Khajuraho Dance Festival has attained an international recognition by reputed international dancers and academies.

Visit Khajuraho to adore the marvelous architecture of the ancient group of temples and to witness the breathtaking dance performances.

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Nagaur Fair: yet another cattle festival in Rajasthan

The live puppets shows are one of the major attraction of the fair

This Cattle Fair & Festival of Nagaur is the second biggest cattle fair in Rajasthan, India. Every year in the month of Jan-Feb in the blue city ‘Jodhpur’ this Nagaur Fair goes for maximum eight days. After the famous cattle fair in Pushkar the traders and cattle owners look forward to participate in this cattle festival.

In Nagaur fair a number of traders from all over Rajasthan or near states reach with their cattle including camels, horses, bullocks and sheep. It is a general estimate that around 70,000 cattle are being traded every year in the fair. The cattle ornamented in the lavish jewelry look very attractive as if they are getting ready to join some fancy dress competition. Even the cattle owners join the festival dressing up in colorful turbans and graceful long moustaches.

Another Attraction: The Mirchi Bazaar held in the Nagaur festival is another major attraction of the fair. In this Red Chili Market the different varieties of red chili come to see, and decidedly, Jodhpur is the biggest supplier of best kind of red chilies.

Other Attraction of Festival:  In Nagaur fair you can enjoy to buy many beautiful hand-made wooden items, iron crafts and accessories that are made of leather also these items are available in a plenty in the fair.

Various games like Tug-of-war, camel races, cock fights, etc to make this four-day fiesta a fabulous experience etc. The festival provide entertainment to the tourists and visitors. With the pace of sun towards the rest for night, a joyous atmosphere is created by the folk musicians, whose voices echo far and wide across the peaceful desert sand.

The Nagaur festival is going to be held this month from 10th to 13th Feb, and even this time a number of visitors from all over the India are also expected to make their presence in it. Camel festival is also a point of major attraction amid the tourist from the far off countries who’s longing for adventure and to taste something different, bring them here.

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Jaisalmer Festival: A chilling fiesta amid the Desert

The Owner of Camel

This month of Feb is about to bring a dreaming event in the golden city of sand dunes, Jaisalmer. As, from 16th Feb the Desert festival will begin with many a magnificent events and will last for 3 days.    Desert festival of Jaisalmer, is a big charm among the people all over the Rajasthan state, also the tourist from all over the India and world around gathered here to participate and enjoy the real desi (native) life-style and taste.


charms of Fiesta –Desert Festival and falls on the day of Purnima it represents the rich and colorful Rajasthani folk culture. The captivating folk music and dances performs by local artists, called Gair and Fire dancers create a truly entertaining event. Besides folk dances &music there many other mean

s of entertainment are hugely famous as number of competitions is held in the festival like the turban tying competition and longest moustaches competition, etc. World renowned puppet shows are also organized in the Desert- festival.

Mr. Desert Comp

etition- In the longest moustaches competition the winner is honored with the title ‘Mr. Desert. This title competition is a matter of sheer craze among the Rajasthani folks who come to join it from far off places of Rajasthan.


folks performing dance & music
the music of desert


Camel Sports – When it comes to sports and other activities then the desert-ship ‘Camel’ is also a big participator which performs in Camel-Polo a

nd Camel-dance. During the Desert Festival Jaisalmer city brims with unmatched enthusiasm.

Food Fiesta- The different types of famous Rajasthani foods like, Daal-Baati, Gatte ki sabji and Papads and snacks are widely served in festival.

Shopper’s delight- Many people who are fond of buying the wooden made handy-crafts can find Jaisalmer festival a better option to collect colorful tiny households and decoration items and beautiful puppets for their home.

The Jaisalmer festival adds wonderful charms in the peaceful environment of Rajasthan. This festival being sponsored by the state tourism corporation has been designed to promote tourism in the astonishing Desert of Thar.

Dance on Sand Dunes on the music of folk tunes


Once the festival is bind up, it leaves behind a nostalgic feeling among the locals as well as the visitors. Some great lovers of music have been to the festival many times because it is pretty hard to keep oneself away from it once you visit this festival. This is the true impression of festival of Jaisalmer over its visitors.

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Begin the Spring with the colors of Love: Celebrate Holi

The Girls playing with colors

receiving the colors of each-other

The colorful festival of Holi is widely celebrated on Hindi month Phalgun’s Purnima (Lunar month) which usually falls in February end or early of March. Holi has an ancient origin which celebrates the triumph of ‘virtue’ over ‘evil’. The colorful Holi festival bridges the social gap and renews relationships. On this day, people play with many vibrant colors mainly Abeer, Gulal and throw splashes of colored water on to each-other while singing carols for Holi. The sweet which is famous in Holi is called ‘Guzhia’; people usually prepare it their home and then share it with their friends & neighbors.
Let’s call Holi a transition when we make a huge celebration to bid farewell to the cold of winter and welcoming the warmth of summer. Holi is the time in India when climate becomes pleasing and fills life and unspoken enthusiasm in your spirit.
Color of love

The time when you see the true colors of spring all around, in this vary time India looks like a beautiful lass attired with colors and Earth seems to be taking new birth. The joy of Holi is felt very deeply through the multicolored flowers and fresh green leaves of trees and thunder showers with pinkish cold. The song of birds can be listening everywhere in orchards & woods; can say that it is the perfect time to visit India.
Many hands one purpose

And the time when your heart got stole by the liveliness of this festival of Colors, Holi.
Celebration of Holi festival takes place with lighting up of bonfire on the Holi eve. Many of folklore & legends are associated with Holi celebration make this festival more    lushes and vivid.
This year Holi Festival is falling on 20th March and We hope that we make best efforts to make it more vibrant and joyous than the past years.


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