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Heritage Hotels in Desert State Rajasthan

Most Beautiful city of Rajasthan is Udaipur. Come India and explore most exotic hotels and glorious destinations of Rajasthan. You could never forget the real experience of vibrant culture of Indian States. Heritage Hotels makes our journey more comfortable and luxurious and when we relaxed then our mind and body want to explore much more things around the globe. So here are some beautiful pictures I am sharing with you that you could understand what I want to say…!!!! Hope you like it 🙂


Cheap Hotels in Udaipur


Udaipur Rajasthan

Udaipur Hotels

Images Credit goes to – Picasa 🙂


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Divine and holy place Varanasi

The land of Varanasi (Kashi) has been the ultimate pilgrimage spot for Hindus for ages. Often referred to as Benares, Varanasi is the oldest living city in the world. These few lines by Mark Twain say it all: “Benaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together”. Hindus believe that one who is graced to die on the land of Varanasi would attain salvation and freedom from the cycle of birth and re-birth. Abode of Lord Shiva and Parvati, the origins of Varanasi are yet unknown. Ganges in Varanasi is believed to have the power to wash away the sins of mortals.

Varanasi has been a symbol of Hindu renaissance.


Evening prayer at Varanasi ghats

Priest saluting the sun in the Ganges


Knowledge, philosophy, culture, devotion to Gods, Indian arts and crafts have all flourished here for centuries.

Make your plan to visit Varanasi India 🙂


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Experience a thrilling bike adventure tours in India

If you are Adventure lover & want to explore Indian subcontinent on Motorbike so Get Ready. Motor Bike is one of the best ways to see India. It is not difficult to explore India on Motorbike, it’s full of adventures. Mountain biking in the foothills and hillocks across the countryside is relatively easier and less demanding than biking on high altitudes. The level of difficulty generally rises with increase in altitude.

Mountain Biking Tours

Riding on a bike is always a pleasure for a person who loves adventure and sports.

Ride on bike tour

A great way of sightseeing in India and its environs is on Bikes, as it gives an independence and intimacy with
the people, culture and landscape that is unparalleled.

Bike Trip to Ladakh

In General Mountain biking trips focus on those who are born to be wild. 

Adventure Tours on Bike in India

Motorbiking in Leh Ladakh is the ultimate dream of mountain bikers.

Mountain Biking Tours

I feel Royal — When i ride Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield Bike Tours


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Deepawali- Festival of Lights

What is Diwali Festival :- Diwali or Deepawali is the Festival of Lights and prosperity. It is basically a symbol of the victory of good over evil, brightness over darkness, and truth or falsity. Diwali is the Hindu celebration and known as the “festival of lights,” is officially 13 November this year.

Diya for diwali

Diwali Diya is used extensively at homes and places of worship.

In India the autumn months bring a magical festival — Diwali. It’s one of the biggest Hindu festivals and it celebrates last three days, with the third day being celebrated as the main Deepavali day.

Festival of Light

In Sanskrit, Swastika means auspiciousness.

Rangolis are drawn with different colored powders to welcome guests. The traditional motifs are often linked with auspicious symbols of good luck.

The festival of lamps, Diwali, is one of the biggest festival of Hindus, celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness in India. Diwali symbolizes the victory of light over darkness. Celebrated joyously all over the country, it is also a festival of wealth and prosperity The festival is celebrated for five continuous days, where the third days is celebrated as the main Diwali festival or ‘Festival of lights’. Different colorful varieties of fireworks are always associated with this festival. On this auspicious day, people light up diyas and candles all around their house. They perform Laxmi Puja in the evening and seek divine blessings of Goddess of Wealth. 

India Diwali Celebration

Celebrating Diwali with family.

The festival  Diwali is never complete without exchange of gifts.

Deepavali Sweets

Think about Diwali and the first thing that comes to mind is mouth-watering sweets

With best wishes and love to all. 

diwali wishing

With best wishes and love to all

HI Destination Management Pvt. Ltd wishing you a Happy Diwali 🙂


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Beautiful place on earth- Udaipur

Udaipur is a popular tourist destination in India. The lakes, palaces and lively workspaces and culture attract foreign and domestic visitors. It is a favourite marriage destination. The city of Dawn, Udaipur is a lovely land around the azure water lakes, hemmed in by the lush hills of the Aravalis. Udaipur is undoubtedly a dream destination for a romantic holiday. Every year, thousands of tourists come from all over the globe to visit this romantic city. Udaipur is easily accessible from all the major cities of India including Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur. So, if you are tired of your hectic schedules and daily routine, then plan a trip to the city of lakes to lighten up your worries and tensions. A tour to the romantic city of Udaipur would certainly become an unforgettable part of your memories and you will cherish these memories throughout your life.

Udaipur Lake City

Lake in Udaipur

Lake views in night

Lake view at night

Deep Faith in God

Deep faith in God

Monkey in udaipur

Are you talking to me?

Palace in Udaipur

Inner view of Udaipur Palace

If you want to book your tour with us  just enquire now and get ready for an unforgettable time. Cherish the memories  for your entire life .


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