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You are going to love Bikaner Camel Festival

Different states, different cultures, varied living styles and various languages, different traditions, but just one soul, this is the true identity of India. These different shades of India are born out of its colourful states. And Festivals in India are just another lively way to reflect the soul of vibrant Indian culture. But Bikaner Camel festival is somewhat different than other festivals. The chief purpose of this festival is to introduce the world so many wonderful things which are interesting and hidden so far. Festival is just an excuse to celebrate the life at its maximum. Also this is a charming fest that showcases the culture of Rajasthan in subtle way.

As it is can be easily assumed by the name this festival is dedicated to the camels which are widely famous as the “Ship of Desert”. Here these beautifully decorated Camels participate with their owners from the every parts of the Rajasthan.

This festival takes place in the land of Bikaner, Rajasthan every year in January.  Organized by the tourism art & cultural department of, Bikaner festival showcases the vibrant cultural sides of Rajasthan in a quite simple way.

Incredible Festive activities:

Isn’t it amazing when you see a lazy animal like camel (in appearance) running like a horse in the thrilling Camel race on the sand of the desert; and when you see the camels dancing on the tunes of latest as well as folk music; and when you see the music jaatra(a foot walk of the musicians with the local music instruments around the festival ground)? And above all to surprise every visitor most stunning camel beauty pageant is also held there.  Then people can utter just one word for these all, “wow, all and everything just focused on camels.”

Camel milking competition

When everything here is focused on Camels then milking out of Camel is a very popular one Bikaner Camel Festival. This milk of Camel is salty in taste though having great nutrition in it. You can better taste the sweets and tea made of the camel milk in the Bikaner Camel Festival.

Camel Ride in Bikaner

Wrestling Competion:

Those who want to watch & witness the desi wrestling (Kushti) can enjoy here, a competition called Mr. Bikana, which is held to choose the winner and the physically strongest male.

Music Events in the Festival:

If you are thinking of a festival in Rajasthan then you can’t imagine it without the superb music & dance shows. Under the best cultural activities you can enjoy gypsy dance or folk songs of the Rajasthan. It hardly matters from which part of the world you belong, the music you listen here is entirely spell binding. The wonderful music eves at the Bikaner Camel Festival are illuminated by campfires, and folk dancers and musicians just fills increase the curiosity of eager spectators. A desert fireworks spectacle concludes the festivities on the second evening.

  Camel Race

A glance at the City of Bikaner:

Another Desert city of Rajasthan, Bikaner was formerly known as the Princely State of Bikaner. This is the only camel breeding grounds of Rajasthan. Lots of things are here on offer within the city, and you can take a walk around and inside Junagarh Fort built by Raja Rai Singh in association with Mughal emperor Akbar. Unlike the other major forts of Rajasthan this one is not built on a hilltop.

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